Consultancy Services for

Leaders and Organisations

We support organisations and practitioners who work with children, young people and families.

Our team has a unique range of experience working within schools, alongside police, within child protection agencies, youth justice settings and community services. We draw on current research, our experience and qualifications and work in partnership with other specialists to bring you current research and help put it into practice. 

We have recently launched a free 10 week E-Course for leaders and managers looking to implement the 10 Elements of a Child Safe Organisation.  Each week you will receive an overview of one element, along with guidance, resources and examples of how to implement the element in your organisation. 

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You can talk with us about:

  • Child Protection

  • Mandatory Reporting

  • Youth Justice Issues

  • Sexualised behaviour in children and young people

  • Engaging and Motivating Young People or Parents

  • Youth Mental Health

We can help provide subject matter advice, design and develop programs and contribute to policy development. Our aim is to help bring to life current research and best practice for real world practitioners. 

What is a Program Logic?

The program logic should map out why your program will work. It should clearly identify the problem you are targeting and the solution you propose. Further, the solution should be supported by the best evidence available - which is where we can help.


Think about your program and consider these five questions:

1. What is the problem we are addressing?

2. Based on empirical research, what are all the causes of this problem?

3. Which of these causes is our program targeting?

4.  Based on empirical research, what is the most effective way to address this cause to reach the outcome we want?

5.  Is our program targeting the right cause, using the best intervention and measuring outcomes?

If your last answer is yes - then you probably have a strong Program Logic.  If you are unsure about any of these questions, then our consulting services may help.

What is implementation science?

Implementation science is the study of methods that influence the integration of evidence-based interventions into practice settings. It involves using best practice implementation frameworks to ensure programs are implemented as originally designed with consideration of local context.

Once you have a developed an evidence-based program logic, the next step is to implement the program into practice.   This will usually involve training staff, developing resources and managing change.  We can help you develop an implementation plan that will ensure your program is delivered the way you intended.  Having an implementation plan based on an effective implementation framework is a critical step in being able to evaluate the success of your program.