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Translating the latest research and putting it into practice isn’t easy. We’re here to help. 

Working with children and young people is one of the most rewarding careers out there. But it’s also one of the most challenging. For practitioners working on the frontline, staying up to date with the latest research and evidence based practice is essential to achieving positive outcomes. But bridging the gap between research and practice can be difficult. 

At Pracademics, we’re committed to helping you get it right. If you’re a manager, practitioner or student in the human services sector, we’re here to help you translate knowledge into practice and deliver the most effective support, treatment and interventions to your clients. Pracademics aims to bridge the gap between research and practice for those working with children and young people.


With the right support in place, your staff can help drive incredible outcomes. But working out what they need and when can be difficult. We can help you identify the challenges within your organisation that are holding your people back and implement the processes and practices that encourage positive shifts in workplace culture, attitudes and behaviour and lead to real results. 

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You want to achieve the best possible outcomes for all of your clients, but when it comes to sorting through the latest research, time isn’t always on your side. We help you identify and access best practice knowledge and provide you with the practical tools and resources you need to put it into practice. 

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When you’re dealing with real lives, understanding the theory isn’t enough. We help you prepare for the realities of client facing work with skills based workshops designed for application in the psychology, criminology, social work and human services fields. 

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