Episode 8: Therapeutic Focus of Care - Positive Identity

Positive identity is vital for sustained well being of a young person. It is related to a young person’s sense of self – or a sense of knowing “who they are” - and feelings of self worth – that is that that they are worthy in the eyes of others. For young people in residential care, their past need to focus on survival often means that these areas are under developed. Young people may have an uncertain sense of identity, and in particular their cultural identity, if there has been a loss of and disruption to connections with family and community.

You will be hearing from one young person with an experience of living in care - Mark, as well as an experienced residential care staff Peter. You will also be hearing again from Howard Bath and Lisa Hillan, who were part of the Expert Advisory Group for the Hope and Healing Framework. Finally we will hear from trauma and development expert Dr Russell Pratt and international expert Kevin Creeden.

We hope that their stories and ideas will bring to life this important element of Hope and Healing.