Episode 5: Therapeutic Focus of Care - Relationships

There are four areas that therapeutic care focuses on in the Hope and Healing Framework. This includes Connections, Relationships, Emotional Know-how and Positive Identity. In this episode, we begin our exploration of each area and explore the role of relationships in therapeutic care. This is not just about the development of a relationship between a residential care worker and young person, but also refers to a young person’s capacity to engage in healthy relationships. In your role, you model healthy relationships through your efforts to work through elements of a relationship such as trust, empathy, caring and forgiveness.

You will be hearing from two young people Jason and Chantel, as well as Ellia, Peter and Chad who are very experienced residential care staff members. You will also be hearing from two members of the Expert Advisory Group who assisted in the development of the Hope and Healing Framework – Lisa Hillan and Howard Bath.