Episode 11: Key Themes - Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and

The Hope & Healing Framework is underpinned by several common practice principles of Trauma Informed Care. One principle is that care is culturally safe and culturally proficient. Another principle is that care supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural identity. In alignment with this the Hope & Healing Framework outlines the components of a needs informed approach which emphasises the importance of cultural safety, cultural connections and cultural wellbeing.

These components are relevant to young people who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and for young people who are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, however in this episode we are focusing specifically on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young peopler for two reasons. First, these children and young people are over represented in the child protection system and secondly because these young people have been uniquely impacted by historical child protection policies that have created intergenerational trauma, which further compounds their care experience. Therefore, as a system it is imperative that we do better.

In this episode you will be hearing from two young people Mark and Bob, as well as experienced residential care worker Tony & Peter. Finally, we have included Dion Tatow from QATSICPP and Lisa Hillan from the Expert Advisory Group. We hope that their stories and ideas will bring to life this important element of Hope and Healing.